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Can your off grid fridges be transported on their side?

Our fridges can be transported on their left or right side.

Once the unit arrives at its destination, place it upright on a level surface for 12 hours before start up.

Do your propane fridges require electricity?

No. Back up power on 110V is optional on some of our propane fridges.

Can your propane fridges UGP-6C/8C/10C/14C/19C operate full time on AC power?

Our propane fridges were designed to operate on propane. AC power should be used for back up power only.

What is the difference between SM/CM/DV propane fridge models?

SM – Standard model (available in the US only)

CM – CO alarm with safety shut off (available in Canada only)

DV- Direct vent (available in Canada)

Can I buy a direct vent kit for my propane fridge?

No. Kits are not available. If you require your fridge to be vented outdoors, you must purchase a direct vent (DV) model.

Can your propane fridges be used in an RV?

*NO. Our propane fridges must operate on a level surface.

What is the solar requirement for the DC fridges?

Please refer to the product page on our website for minimum panel requirements.

Do the solar panels and batteries come with your DC fridges?

NO. Panels and batteries are sold separately, Unique does not sell panels or batteries. Please consult a DC/solar expert in your area

Can your DC fridges be used in an RV?

*Our DC fridges were not designed for use in an RV. There is no way to secure the unit and doors during travel


Can the backsplash be removed?

NO. Our ranges are a certified appliance and the backsplash must be installed.

What kind of batteries are required for your off-grid ranges? How often do they need to be changed?

Our classic ranges use a D-cell battery for the ignition system.


I need a colour swatch where can I get one?

Visit this link to find the color swatch of your choice

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